Welcome to the Hill Wallack, LLP Family Law blog, Monmouth and Ocean County Family Lawyers, is here to provide you with useful information.   The firm is a full service law firm and we practice in practically all counties in New Jersey and some in New York.   Please review our disclaimer – this blog is not intended to confer an Attorney-Client Relationship.  We are not providing you with legal advice.  This blog is for informational purposes only.

The family law department at Hill Wallack has offices in Princeton, at the Galleria in Red Bank and on Lexington Avenue, in New York City.    If you wish to speak with one of our family law attorneys, please call 732-852-7550 or send an email to Awebb@Hillwallack.com.   Consultations are charged at the rate of each individual attorney.   In special circumstances, discounted or free consults can be arranged.


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