In a ruling of first impression in New Jersey, a Passaic County family court judge found that a man who had been identified as the father of twin girls had only fathered one of them.   The ruling from Judge Sohail Mohammed in Passaic County Superior Court ruled that the man, must pay child support only for the child that was determined to be his child, proven through DNA testing, but not for the other twin.

It is a rare occurrence that twins have different fathers, and seemingly only a story that would appear on Jerry Springer or Maury.  However, it is a fact, nonetheless, that twins can have different fathers.  This means that the mother conceived both children within a short period of time.  Reportedly, according to Dr. Wu from Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, this is a rare phenomenon called “superfecundation”.  A sperm can be viable for up to five days.  So if the mother has sex with two men in one week, each man’s sperm could have fertilized an egg each.  This is becoming more common with the assistance of reproductive technologies.

If there is a question of who the parent is for purpose of child support, a paternity test is the easiest and cheapest route to take.  Consult one of our attorneys for more information.


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