Getting To Know Your Divorce or Custody Attorney

So you have now retained the attorney you consulted with.  What’s the next steps?   Have all your questions been answered?   Did you explain to your new attorney what you expect to have at the end of your divorce?  Have you made a list for yourself?   Were all of your questions answered?  Do you understand what your rights are – what the process is – and what you may likely walk away with at the end of your divorce?

You and your attorney are now partners – get comfortable and spare no details.  If you have more questions, than ask them.  If you don’t understand something your attorney told you, it is best that you ask now instead of after the divorce.   Are you a greedy smurf?  Do you want it all?  Be reasonable and set reasonable expectations with your attorney.  If your attorney does not know what your needs are, how can they help you?

Keep the lines of communication open and flowing with your attorney.  Always be honest and candid – but remember, they are not your friend or your therapist and every time you call them, may cost your money.

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