The Great Family Divide – North versus South, Single v. Dual Parenting After a Divorce

According to a recent story in the New York Post, there is a documented difference in the number of families that are raising children with two parents in the North and South.   The author suggests that his research confirms that children growing up across much of the Northern part of the country are much more likely to grow up with two parents than children across the Southern part of the country.  Some of the indicators are economics – some are race.

The article goes into much detail as to why the authors findings reach that conclusion. The reality is that it really doesn’t matter where you live – broken families occur everywhere and each family makeup is different. This is true before during and after the divorce.

So is the way that the children and parties, handle the divorce. Some families fare well and by well, I mean that the parents are still speaking civilly with each other and the children spend parenting time with both parents. That is the best that one can hope for in a divorce. There are no “winners” in a divorce and hiring an attorney that tells you that their representation will make you a “winner” should make you second guess their retention.

There may be geographic regions that have more single parents raising their family and one of the factors for this could be financial as a result of the divorce. There are so many changes after divorce that parties need to adjust to, but working with a good divorce attorney should guide you through the process and put you somewhat at ease that the future is not as bleak as you may think.


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