Ashley Madison, an online website aimed at helping millions of married people cheat, has recently been hacked.  The hackers have threatened to release the personal information of millions of customers.   It has threatened to release names, addresses, profiles of secret sexual fantasies, sexual preferences and records of financial transactions if the website will not shut down.   If this data is released, it has the potential to lead to marital problems for the couples involved. 

To describe the type of website Ashley Madison promotes, their advertisement slogan is “life is short, have an affair”.   It is a dating website but for married couples.  Apparently, the hackers or hacker are upset with the fee Ashley Madison charges to delete your information.   The charge $19.00, has brought the website millions of dollars.   As a result of the hack, Ashley Madison is now offering to delete the information for free.  

The attorneys at Davison, Eastman & Munoz’s Family Law Department can answer your questions if you are a member of Ashley Madison or a spouse of a member of Ashley Madison. #AshleyMadison


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