2015 is coming to a close.   What this means for many families is fighting over who will spend New Year’s eve versus New Year’s day with their children.  It is a continuation of the sorrowful disagreement parties have when they are embroiled in litigation or going through a divorce – cutting the kids in half and making more of the issue of quantity versus quality.

Maybe 2016 will have people realizing that their children are not objects and quality of time with their children is more important than the number of days or nights that they spend with them.  Maybe if the child support guidelines were not calculated giving a credit for overnights or the number of days a parent spent with their child, the litigants themselves could focus more on the quality of time they are experiencing.

Maybe it’s time to revisit calculating child support and using the guidelines.  Maybe the guidelines have become more than “guidance” or a tool for family practitioners and litigants.

We will address these issues in the New Year but for now, enjoy your family and enjoy every minute you have with them.  Who knows, you might actually enjoy it.



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