Making Good Use of Your Breakout Session During Mediation

A very good and short article was posted!/ in the New York Law Journal about making great use of your breakout session during mediation.


Naturally, you should listen to the advice of your mediator, but this author gives some good tips about what you could or should be doing to make your breakout session more productive and helpful to the mediation process.

Mediation is a professional process that works, with the right parties.  The skill is in choosing the right mediator – the professional who will help guide the parties to resolve their differences alongn terms they find acceptable.  The mediator helps navigate the parties to an amicable resolution – they do not represent either party and will not advocate for one party over the other.   If you want to avoid litigation and court appearances and the costs that go along with that process, you may want to consider mediating your matter.

If you are looking for a mediator or in the mediation process and want a second opinion, contact one of our family law mediators at 732-410-2308.


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