Get Balance In Your Life

By:  Albertina Webb, Esq.

Welcome 2020.  January has come and gone.  February is almost done too.  Where has the time gone?   Do you have days where you feel you are walking/running in circles?   Here are some suggestions for balancing work and life and not pulling out all of your hair:

  •     Get plenty of rest – or minimally 6 hours every night.   Your useless to yourself, your clients, friends, boss, children if you are exhausted and cannot function.   If you consistently deprive yourself of sleep, you are having brittle nails, hair loss, dry skin in addition to those dark saggy circles under your eyes.

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  •     Eat Healthy.  Easier said than done because when you’re busy and running in 5 directions, it’s easier to have fast food or grab something on the go instead of having a healthy meal.  Try bringing carrots, celery or other vegetables cut up for snacks in the office.  Keep a bag of almonds in the car for snacking during travel to and from and between meetings and extracurricular activities with the kiddies.


  •      Laugh – best medicine in the world.  Do it loud, do it often.   Laugh at yourself but laugh at others privately.   Especially hair dos.


  •     Take a Break from the Screen – get up and walk away from the computer.  Stretch your legs.  Give your eyes a rest.  Also helps minimize headaches.  Get off your cell phone and stop wasting time on social media.   Nothing productive happening there.   Put it on vibrate at least 6 hours every day.    Walk outside or go and get a glass of water.  If off the clock, have a glass of Albarino.   Drink responsibly.   Don’t drink and drive.


  •      Make lists –  helps to reduce you shifting all the papers on your desk or in your briefcase to figure out what you have to work on next.   Can use it to keep yourself organized and know what you can do today and what you can save for tomorrow because realistically, tomorrow is another day and the work will still be there.  Prioritize what has to be done and confirm with your contacts when you can reach them.   Don’t keep anyone waiting and don’t blow deadlines.

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  •     Take care of your heart, knees, diabetes, back, cancer, cold, family.   You are useless to your family, friends, clients, employer, etc. if you are sick, under the weather and not 100%.  Take your medicine, vitamins, supplements or whatever else your doctor or holistic advisor has recommended.  You have one life – make it as fabulous as you can.

Following these simple but important steps can increase your stamina, focus your attention to important tasks and add more years to your life.


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