More Common Mistakes Raising Children by Divorced Parents

By: Albertina Webb, Esq.

Previously we discussed some common mistakes parents make when they are newly divorced and now separately raising their children. Instead of co-parenting and raising their child/ren collaboratively with the other parent, sometimes unresolved personal issues and anger gets in the way. The ones who suffer are truly the children.

  • Never ask your child whether they have a preference where they are living or their living arrangements as a result of the divorce. They don’t want to pick a side and they should never be put in that position by either parent. It’s uncomfortable, potentially alienating and damaging and is never a good question to ask.

  • Use your parenting time wisely. Do not spend the time doing work or engaging with others, significant other, business appointments. Let your kid know they are the most important thing to you and the time that you have together is important. Understand and appreciate that the parenting time exchanges can be emotional and difficult for your kids, even if they don’t voice their concerns.

  • Continue to set boundaries and rules, like you did when you were living as an intact family. You should try and keep their schedule the same to avoid as much disruption and disturbance to their life and time with you. Remember, they didn’t ask for the divorce and shouldn’t feel like they are responsible for it.

If you have any questions regarding your divorce, post judgment questions, questions about custody and parenting time, reach out to one of our experienced family attorneys, with offices in Red Bank, Princeton, Cedar Knolls, Cherry Hill and New York, we are here to help. 732-852-7550


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