New Child Support Rule In Effect

Effective February 1, 2017, new child support guidelines and rules went into effect throughout the State of New Jersey. A notice has been provided by the Judiciary: for ease of understanding. There are many nuances to this new statute.  Contact one of our attorneys to discuss how the changes impact you and your family. … More New Child Support Rule In Effect

Termination of Child Support, New Jersey, New Rule

The New Jersey Legislature has recently enacted N.J.S.A. 2A:17-56.67, which will officially go into effect on February 17, 2017.  Under this new statute, a parent’s obligation to pay child support will automatically terminate when a child reaches age 19, unless the court orders otherwise.  Even with a Court-ordered extension of child support, a parent’s obligation should not … More Termination of Child Support, New Jersey, New Rule

Alimony Modifications for Retirement

Judge Larry Jones, Ocean County Family Court Judge, has issued an unpublished decision regarding the newly amended alimony statute attempting to define when a party can apply to modify or terminate their alimony obligation based on their “prospective” retirement. Judge Jones has said in his decision in Mueller v. Mueller, decided on April 22, 2016 … More Alimony Modifications for Retirement